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We know every company has specific recruitment requirements, for this reason we tailor specific packages for each of our clients. Recruiting in the the permanent and temporary markets across the UK, National Recruitment Service UK takes a unique approach to each assignment. You give us a brief and we will tailor a custom recruitment strategy to attract the exact type of talent you are seeking.

By spending more time on understanding our clients we can better understand the candidates we need to target, meaning we can source relevant candidates that have been screened to ensure suitability and interest in the role.

Our promise to you is that if you work with us we will always do our utmost to ensure you are succeeding.

Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment service offers our clients the opportunity to recruit members of staff to be employed directly on both a fulltime or part time basis.

Recruiting on a permanent basis often encourages longevity and for many businesses is a vital part of a company’s growth.

We have years of experience recruiting permanent staff in a range of sectors, due to this, we are confident we can make the process of recruiting permanent staff swift, efficient and cost effective.

Temporary Recruitment

We understand your business is unique, as are your staffing requirements, which is why we offer a range of staffing options. Temporary recruitment offers flexibility for both client and candidates.

Whether you need staff to cover existing staff on leave, have areas of growth you need staffing flexibility or simply want us to handle payroll and to offer ongoing support with HR and temporary staffing.

When you hire Temporary staff we will support with HR functions such as payroll and timesheets. We can help improve your recruitment process and expand your flexible workforce.

Temporary To Permanent

Temporary to Permanent. Temp to Perm recruitment offers the attributes of both temporary and permanent recruitment. This type of recruitment will initially recruit candidates as temporary members of staff, which after an agreed period will go on to be upgraded to a permanent position. Many employers treat the initial temp period as a trial, this can also be achieved with a probationary period but there are also more liabilities when taking on a permanent member of staff. That being said, Permanent recruitment will often attract candidates who are seeking long term employment. Temp to perm does offer a balanced approach, which type of recruitment we would recommend very much depends on the individual company and their needs which is why we offer a free consultation.

Our Rates

For a Free consultation or for more information on any of the services we provide, please contact us on: 07900225206 or email us at Contact@Nationalrecruitmentservice.co.uk


Permanent recruitment

We supply candidates to be directly employed by you. The fee for this varies dependent on the skill level and experience of the candidate required as well as the amount of hires you are seeking to make.

Temporary recruitment

For Temporary recruitment our charge rate is paid hourly and includes; Employer National Insurance, Pension and holiday pay as well as our own commission in one charge rate. This gives you peace of mind knowing you will pay one rate which will cover all aspects of Payroll.

Temporary To Permanent

Temp to perm recruitment will begin with the same fee structure as standard Temporary recruitment, however, after an agreed period of time the staff will be converted to a permanent member of staff, at which point a transfer fee will be paid. The Transfer fee will generally be less.

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