Benefits Of Engaging A Skilled Recruitment Agency

As an employer, you want the best for your company, and that largely depends on hiring the best employees. Sourcing the perfect employee can take time. No matter how great their résumé looks, it is vital to ensure candidates are screened and progressed to interview properly. The worst thing you could do is engage consultants that will just send absolutely anyone with minimal screening, or in turn to hire impassionate employees who care nothing for the role they are applying for or the success of your business. So, how do you ensure this doesn’t happen? By hiring a skilled recruitment agency that has your best interests at heart.

Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with some recruitment agencies, and you have decided to wash your hands off them. That is wise, once bitten, right? Here’s the thing though, not all recruitment agencies are created equally, and there are many benefits of hiring a skilled recruitment agency, especially an honest and dedicated one.

What are these benefits?


That is primarily why you need a recruitment agency. The hiring process can be a long and time consuming one, not to mention the dozens of CV’s you’d need to go through. You can focus on running your company while the skilled and specialised recruitment agency handles the recruitment process. We can take care of;

  • Screening CV’s
  • Running background checks.
  • Negotiating salaries.
  • Conducting initial interviews.

A recruitment agency will also:

  • Help you identify the hiring need and best target candidates.
  • Advertise the position.
  • Come up with a suitable recruitment plan.
  • Headhunt specifically for the role.
  • Create a detailed job description.
  • Take care of all candidate communication, including the follow-up.

All of these could take a good deal of time, but not when you go through a recruitment agency. That’s why they exist, and unlike you, they can dedicate 100% of their time to it.


Research has shown that 78% of candidates lie on their CV’s, a skilled and experienced recruitment agency will make sure that you end up with the honest 22%.

A skilled and experienced recruitment agency can and will filter through CV’s for skills, staying power and the candidate’s experience before making contact nd further screening them by phone before a client even sees their CV. It is also vital to ensure a potential hire will fit in with the company’s culture, a good consultant ill generally be able to get a good read on this by the end of the initial phone screening. Doing this over and over helps a skilled and experienced recruitment consultant know exactly what qualities they are looking for, also giving them the ability to detect  any early red flags. This can save a lot of wasted time and money hiring the wrong candidates that don’t stay with your company.

Furthermore, a skilled recruitment agency will always stay up-to-date with the latest information on the industry they are recruiting for; so they know what changes and how it affects your company. They will also give you the current benchmark of candidate’s salaries.

Also, a skilled recruitment agency is objective, external and blind to bias and prejudices. So, you can be sure a candidate will be hired based on their qualification and expertise.


Often online job boards will allow companies to use some features in their boards for free, allowing them to make free job postings to attract qualified candidates. This is often worth doing, however, you usually wont get a great deal of exposure using free listing, and the candidates you attract often wont be as good as paid traffic or the candidates you might find on more expensive databases. Recruitment agencies have access to expensive job boards which gives them access to millions of candidates.

Furthermore, because recruitment agencies are always recruiting, they can come to long and value-based relationships with job boards, allowing them put out your job ads to the right candidates faster.

Also, candidates often send their CV’s to skilled and reputable recruitment agencies so; the odds are they already have the perfect candidate in their database just waiting to be hired. Even better, when they discover a qualified passive candidate, they can convince them through, emails, social media or phone calls to take a job if the job is a fit for them, and they are a fit for the company.


Skilled recruitment agencies know how to put in the work, and they don’t stop until they have found the perfect candidate. They post attractive and eye-catching messages on job boards to get the right candidates; messages that are designed to make suitable candidates respond.

Furthermore, they will only gather the right and relevant candidates. Often internal HR teams are not able to go through all CV’s and social media pages which can draw in hundreds of candidates, so, picking the most skilled candidate can be difficult. However, a skilled recruitment agency does not have this problem; they are experienced and dedicated enough to source for skilled candidates, and unlike HR teams who may have many other tasks to deal with, recruitment consultant are specialised solely to recruit the right candidates for your vacancies.

Hiring a recruitment agency gives you the above listed but more importantly, it gives you peace of mind to run your company with trusted and qualified employees.


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