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We are a market leading recruitment consultancy when it comes to value for money and quality of service. We pride ourselves on our work and will always seek to exceed our clients expectations, satisfaction guaranteed.

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    About Our Company

    National Recruitment Service UK is a leading recruitment business that operates in both the permanent and temporary staffing markets.

    In short some of the keys benefits of working with us include:

    • Excellent dedication and work ethic that ensures the companies we work with thrive.
    • Very affordable fees that make working with us a no-brainer.
    • An 8 week scaling rebate/ refund period to ensure you are hiring high quality members of staff.
    • Proven track record of success.
    • An in depth recruitment process that will make sure you are getting the pick of the best talent on the market.
    • An amicable and caring recruitment team that always wants you to win!

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    Interview Tips For The Interviewee

    For a lot of Candidates, interviews can be nerve-wracking. They are often worried about saying or doing the wrong things. That is understandable, especially if you’ve been out of a job for some time, and your previous interviews have not gone the way you want. However, worry not, because, with the right amount of confidence

    Interview Tips For The Interviewer

    You may not know it, but the Candidate also interviews the Interviewer. While you interview the Candidate to see if they are a good fit for your position, they are also checking to see, through you, if your organization is one they would like to work for or not. So, an interview is just as

    Benefits Of Engaging A Skilled Recruitment Agency

    As an employer, you want the best for your company, and that largely depends on hiring the best employees. Sourcing the perfect employee can take time. No matter how great their résumé looks, it is vital to ensure candidates are screened and progressed to interview properly. The worst thing you could do is engage consultants